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“Our mission is to provide information, education, and resource assistance to families and loved ones in their journey from addiction to recovery.”

*Our phone lines are open to family members AND those struggling in addiction*

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To Our Constituents:


          Let's Get Real, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non profit Recovery Community Organization.  After completing two community awareness forums, we opened our doors in August of 2013. In 2016 our programs and support serviced served over 843 persons from a multitude of counties.  Our mission is to provide information, education, and resource assistance to families and loved ones in their journey from addiction to recovery. Proudly, Let's Get Real, Inc. received the Erie/Ottowa County Mental Health and Recovery Board Outstanding  New Program award in 2013. The drug epidemic (particularly opiate prescriptions and heroin) is taking over our local and state cities at  an alarming rate.  Overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death surpassing even automobile accidents. 

          Locally we are no exception to this crisis. Young people are using more and dying more.  The disease of addiction has no demographic boundaries.  It strikes all populations  despite ethnicity or economic demographics . However, eligibility for treatment has definite boundaries.  The process of finding help for your loved one and support for yourself is overwhelming and often costly.   

Let's Get Real, Inc. makes this process easier while providing emotional support, education, and awareness. We assist in finding detox and treatment,  providing a family group and group for children of addicts, as well as twelve step meetings. Our resource library keeps track of detox, sober living, faith based groups, and inpatient treatment facilities.  The library includes the  method of payment they accept, the level of treatment, whether medication assisted, and if open to residents outside their county. We also sell at home drug tests for a voluntary donation.  We assist patrons in their medicaid applications to allow them access to treatment. Our doors are open for walk ins or by appointment. 

          With the exception of our Certified Peer Recovery Supporters who work under special projects, our staff is comprised almost entirely with volunteers that have a  desire to give back to the community. A Certified Peer Recovery Supporter is a person in long term recovery certified by the State of Ohio. Please see the document on this website that defines the role of these individuals. 

          Our outreach services include but are not limited to participation in Lorain County Recovery Court, independent referrals, referrals from Lorain County Jail, and assistance for those individuals in ambulatory detox, 

          Drug addiction is a chronic disease. Drug Addiction is a family disease. Our goal is to assist the entire family in their journey.  Recovery works. Recovery is possible. Our motto is “Victims to Survivors to Thrivers”.  Our task is to help those in need, remove obstacles, and increase the chance of full recovery for everyone concerned.

          Please help us in anyway you can. There is no donation too small. Every donation is greatly appreciated. Please, feel free to utilize our convenient donation button on our website or any method of payment you desire.

Thanking you in advance for your consideration!






Weekly Groups:

Heroin Anonymous (HA) - 6:30pm

Family/Children* -  6:00-7:30pm

AA open discussion meeting for Women - 7:00pm

Heroin Anonymous (HA) Open discussion meeting - 6:30pm


* These groups cover a variety of supportive topics. Also, every other Tuesday “MEETING OF THE MINDS”, recovering addict(s) will be joining the discussion. They will be here for any questions and provide feedback on how they feel the families can best help or hinder their loved ones recovery. Open to the public.

**Children's support group at same time**

  (Let's Get Real Inc. is a 501 c (3) non-profit public charity organization)

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